CSR CSRThis donation may use to improve quality for life for about 27,000 children and poor people. We think service and sharing even it is not that much enough is the social responsibility of corporations. Thanks a lot for your support to each of you and cherish to Korea Ubiquitous. It could possible because of all of you. Thank you very much Donation and Volunteer activity is our tradition and the culture of realization for value since about 10 years before when we start the business.We are continuously doing volunteer activity for contribute to society as it is social responsibility of the company at the same time we do proper business activities to contribute the economy since its establishment. Through this, we would like to help the win-win entrepreneurship to make happy life for everybody in the globe. We always helping people who work hard even in difficult environment. It is a SHAREING mind to strenuous workers even if we are not rich yet.We will be a Global Company that contribute human society by continuous effort through donating part of business profit to the society. So far, the volunteer can do is extremely limited. Please email me if you would like to participate voluntary work. We will contact you and will help you to apply voluntary work after we check applicable area.

1. Financial independence support through Multimedia training
2. Talent sharing service to Volunteer Organization
 3. Producing support on Culture & Art field which weak on economic base
 4. Internship program for the people who looking for a job to strengthen the employment skill
 5. Sharing ‘How to provide Business Plan for Venture Company Certification’
6. Training on Press Release providing skill and/or writing skill for special area
 7. Other Business related training