Job Offer

 Job Offer   Wait for the challenge of creative talent Korea Ubiquitous recruiting talent with creative work. If you are actively interested in working in Korea Ubiquitous , please send your informative application documents to our Web Page. We will refer receipted resumes to applicable position case by case. Highly welcome for talented people who can lead multimedia paradigm with Korea Ubiquitous Co., Ltd.

- Empowerment, Highest level of industry
- Research Material on applied position or any field of digital media market by applicants
- The initial set of hypotheses, the initial hypothesis of reach and applicant who is able to do verification of initial hypothesis
- 1:1 counsel between applicants and HR. Inquiries are accepted by email only.
- Excellent understanding on Web and Business Strategy and available to do Methodology Simulation
- Understand Information Architecture
 – Creative ideas and having driving force to concretize the plan
- Fluent in English and other foreign language
- More than 5 year experience in e-business planning/consulting project
- Experienced in Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux , Oracle DB management
- KDE or GTK programming
- JBuider or Visual Age programming (C/S)
- Delphi programming (C/S, Component)
- Understand in UNIX or Window TCP/IP – Visual C++ programming (C/S, Directx)
 – VR, AR programming