Vision  How will our future be changed? The new advanced knowledge information age is coming to us beyond the information age. While the information age required the companies for the left-brain thinking, the future is requiring the right-brain thinking. There were a leading company and a developer who had the right-brain thinking in the center of the latest technology that contributed to the increase of mankind value and had a big sympathy power. The thinking power to obtain the sympathy by adding the sensitivity to the logic is the key of right-brain thinking. It is difficult to make the future further only by the talented person existing on the right line of Bell Curve. For example, the developers of right-brain thinking are changing the pattern of our life by the names of Twitter, Facebook. The stories of skills of sympathy of which sympathy ability was maximized are not the temporary trend but a mega trend changing the flow of age and is changing the mankind’s life style. The software-oriented thinking has existed since very long ago and it now became the trend and became the mega trend. The new future has already come in front of us and the newer future is coming, too. The future scholars also do not know what to call this new future. Gestalt right-brain thinking is the revelation of creativity. The batting eye to catch the context and draw a big picture let us have a high problem-solving ability. The value is in the difference and that value will bring about the sympathy to the people who know the value. There is the sympathy in the innovation that can change the world and the sympathy will make the culture by the stories of emotion and palpitation. Apple, Google, HP, Youtube which became the global company today started the business by 2-party partnership and completed the core technology by 2 men. They are the success cases the size is not such important in the process of accomplishing the dream. I think what goal you are realizing through what innovation of sympathy will be the key of future success. We are conducting the individual’s goal and company’s goal one by one which we have conducted since very long ago based on 14-year business and the experience of social life foreign business. Although we have had the experience of failure and success so far, those processes were the healthy lessons. We will know the flow, world and walk our path constantly. Thank you very much.