4K Ultra Blu-ray

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    4k(UHD) resolution shows 4 times as clear image as 1080p screen. 4k resolution (4k Ultra High Definition: 4k Ultra HD: 4K UHD) is 4 times as many pixel as full HD (1,920 X 1,080) (cross: near 4000, length: near 2000) and the term meaning the next generation high quality resolution. As the standard was not yet fixed as of January, 2012 so two products of 4,096 ×2,160 or 3,840 × 2,160 are being launched.

   4K (UHD) video and disc are being developed and standardized by Sony and Panasonic. HEVC is used as the standard codec.Consumer Electronics Association defines Full HD for TV broadcasting as 3840 which is 2 times as much as and 4K prescribed in Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) which is the standard size of digital cinema as 4,096 ×2,160.

   It is being presented focusing on the expensive device for work as of January, 2009 and although it is not the appliance, Toshiba presented LCD TV equipped with 4K2K panel for the first time in the world in December, 2011 and the device to be supported in the future will increase. It is attracting the attention as a new video size and the display, projector, and TV which can be indicated are already being sold for general use. Although the contents are still insufficient and known generally little, the genuine UHD market started to open as of 2014.