Counsel     If we rceive the trouble shooting request from the client, we conduct the consulting on the multimedia part. It is for what related to new product development, new product test, or demonstration of complete products. I will explain about Samsung Electronics as an example among the cases we really consulted. It was our goal to make the optimal result by reducing the difference of recognition among developers or project participants in the development process of highly skilled large company institute and in the process of making demo disc. We analyzed if the client’s manufacture process done for years was proper and inspected the process to grasp where the image quality problem happened and optimized the whole process and diagnosed the problem and standardized the QC process of master stage. Besides, we found out if the option was properly used in the encoding stage and it was matched to the size requiring the profile and if we miss the part that could be improved more, where the cause of image noise was, and why it occurred. These process reduce the lost time and are useful to making highly efficient result. The respect and honorable treatment on the existing manufacturer’s method in the consulting process are the business manners. The consulting had good results in all levels of satisfaction and it was the meaningful case.